You can simulate power generation all over the world.

This system makes it easy to simulate power genaration of PV systems set on roofs and grounds.

About this service

"i-Pals PV Power Generation Summary System" is the service provided by "NIPPON CONTROL SYSTEM Corporation." to simulate summary of power generation.
You can simulate anywhere, the aerial photograph can be found, in the world. It is necessary to regist your information in order to use this system. If you want to simulate or design more detailed, "i-Pals WEB" helps you.

Conditions of simulation

This system simulates in these conditions.


Please draw outline of the area.
Separation distance for maintenance is not considered.

How to layout

In case of using racks, row 3, column 4, row spacing 3000mm, column spacing 0mm, module spacing 10mm, and the ground is flat.
In case of sloped roof, panels are laid to cover the roof.


The fomula of this simulation conforms to "JIS C8907".
The data of solar radiation, this system uses, is published by NASA.