What You Can Do

Eeasy operation for both residential and commercial

i-Pals has various drawing tool to design both residential and commercial layout. User can compare and combine multiple plans.

Create & export shadow diagram by a click

With setting height of the buildings, user can make shadow diagram by clicking a button. The user can export shadow diagram as DXF so that it can be used for CAD software also.

Multiple user settings & Customizable

The user can freely set items with own parameters, so that the user doesn't need to cling to application's default setting any longer. We also offer software development quickly.

*Customize fee is not included.

5 steps Simulation

Set location

Set location with address. The longitude and latitude are automatically set with the address. Set field conditions.

Draw on Canvas

Draw installation areas and obstacles areas. Then set the height, tilt, offsets and orientation.

Lay out Arrays

Push one button and experience automatic array layout.Check it with shadow diagrams.

Design Wiring

Select electrical equipments, then it automatically calculates number of equipments and wiring.


Simulate predicted amount of power generation. Compare it between other plans.

i-Pals is useful on these occasions. Look at these multiple functions.

Field Design

  • User friendly operation i-Pals is amazingly easy to use. You can move, rotate and edit shapes with buttons.
    You can make a plan just by following the operation bar's flow.
  • Roof plan function You can turn a simple square into a gable roof with a button.
    We also offer you roof plan parts.
  • Various template Templates include dormer, parapet, pillar, trees and other obstacles.
    You can also register original templates.

Array Layout

  • Single click layout Even if you have not gotten used to i-Pals, it is easy to lay out arrays properly.
  • Multiple mounting systems and rack types As mounting systems, we prepared ground mount, flat roof mount, sloped roof mount and plate fold roof mount. As rack types, we prepared open rack and insulated back.
  • Various array layout pattern i-Pals offers staggered arrangement, shadow avoid arrangement and so on.
  • Available system size is from a module to 20kW.

Wiring Design

  • Single click wiring It is easy to make wiring designs by using default settings.
  • You can make string designs with i-Pals. There are multiple modes, auto design mode and manual design mode.
  • It covers multiple- inverter installation.
  • Functions include cable size calculator.


  • Shadow diagrams By selecting time and date, you can easily make shadow diagrams.You can export the diagrams as CAD data (DXF).
  • Active module simulation With shadow diagrams, you can simulate the number of active and inactive modules.
  • Shadow attenuation simulation Check the total power generation with the attenuation. i-Pals has irradiation data of 24 hours of 365 days.
  • Compare multiple plans You can compare by 3 layers ; array layouts, wiring designs and plans including power generation data and estimates.


  • You can export a proposal sheet as Excel data. It is easy to edit it by yourself.

i-Pals is always useful thanks to it's one stop service.


Web version enables salesperson to access data anywhere and anytime.
Even in foreign country, you can use i-Pals.


By using i-Pals, everybody can design at a certain level.
It equalizes design accuracy.

Estimate staff

i-Pals automatically picks up equipments and makes an estimate. You can export it as Excel data.

Customer Reviews

Module Manufacturers

We expect i-Pals to trim operation cost. After we introduce it, the time to make designs are amazingly shortened. I have nothing but praise for it!

Construction Firm

I bought a 1 year license to try its shadow attenuation calculator. The shadow diagram function is helpful that it shows hourly data. We are currently considering to extend the contract.

EPC Firm

I looked for a software which covers both array layouts and wiring designs. It also have a cable length calculator and junction box layout function, which I didn't expect and helps me a lot!